Belgium food day

GNA Campus- Mrs. Harbaugh’s French III/IV Class held a Belgium food day based on the french novel Pauvre Anne.

The French III class consists of Ryan Coleman, CarolAnn Larson, Ali O’Connor, Emersyn Petrini, Brianna Seiwell, and Brandon Wozniak.

The French IV class consists of Hannah Guydosh, Trentyn Harter, Thomas McRoberts, Annastasia O’Looney, Jay Shemanski, and Kaitlyn Smith.

Students from both classes brought in Belgium-based food. The food at Belgium food day included:

-Belgian Waffles and toppings

-Belgian Chocolates

-Belgian Donuts

-Belgian Danishes

-Belgian Brownies

-Dame Blanche

-Endives au Jambon