The GNA Insider presents: Off the Record

Off The Record is brought to you by Alycia Knorr, Hannah Fink, and Maura Jenceleski.


Sean Carey

The three official hosts of “Off the Record” from left to right: Alycia Knorr (Senior), Maura Jenceleski (Senior), and Hannah Fink (Sophomore).

GNA CAMPUS – As GNA moves towards a future of normalcy, it’s inevitable that the events happening around the schools are going to spike. After years of brainstorming new content to bring to viewers, The GNA Insider was able to bring dreams to life. All of these exciting events, new schedules, and student updates can be heard on the new journalism podcast: Off the Record.

Thanks to student writer Alycia Knorr and fellow journalism students, room 204 is bringing a new wave of content for viewers. The GNA Insider has established a kid and parent-friendly podcast that fits the content range of middle schoolers to parents of GNA students.

Off the Record episodes are published at the beginning of every week with various topics including schedules during holidays, extracurricular announcements, art performances, sports games and events, and anything one could imagine.

Aside from school-related subjects, Off the Record discusses fun and lively themes that get students involved in pop culture events and learn new things through the eyes of teenagers.

Off the Record can be streamed on Spotify with the title, “Off the Record” by The GNA Insider. Be sure to tune into this past week’s episode titled, “Special Guest, Christmas Break, and New Year’s Resolutions,” as well as the episodes to come. To see a sneak peek of the hosts of Off the Record, check out the official trailer linked here.