John S. Fine High School

A photo history of the construction of the high school

Jordan Lamb, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – The John S. Fine High School was originally set for construction in April of 1967. The original proposal, designed by Ettore J. Lippi, set the expected cost at $4 million dollars for the building, with an anticipated seating capacity of 3,500 to 4,000 students. The intended cost rose 10-12% throughout the construction process, hitting a total cost of $5,468,055 by August of 1968, with a new seating capacity of 1,341 students. The class of 1970 was the first group of students to attend and graduate from the new Greater Nanticoke Area High School building.

The school was dedicated to John S. Fine, the former Pennsylvania governor, and full-term Luzerne County Judge. He graduated from Dickinson Law School and made great developments in government, law, and education. His dedicated service to the members of Luzerne County led the District to dedicate the school to him as an inspiration for future students.


The GNA Insider would like to send a special thank you to the Nanticoke Historical Society for providing photos and information on the building of John S. Fine.