Top 40 horror movies

A complication of the top 40 horror/thriller movies to watch this Halloween season.


These movies are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat this Halloween season.

Spooky season has officially arrived. The cool crisp autumn air has moved in like college freshmen. Many are settling into the feeling of fall while others are ready for Halloween. With Halloween peering through the cracked creeky door, some are starting to binge their favorite horror movies. Many screams and shouts will ring out while watching these spine-chilling, eye-covering, goosebump-giving phenomenons.

*Disclaimer: These movies are not in a particular order. They do go by enjoyment, with one being the movie I enjoyed most.*

40.) Beetlejuice

39.) The Curse of La Llorona

38.) Trick ‘r Treat

37.) The Ritual

36.) Ma

35.) The Strangers

34.) The Green Inferno

33.) Ghostbusters (2016)

32.) X

31.) Beast

30.) The Babadook

29.) The Cabin in the Woods

28.) Annabelle

27.) Black Phone

26.) Lights Out

25.) Sinister

24.) Poltergeist

23.) Saw

22.) The Purge: Election Year

21.) Don’t Worry Darling

20.) The Thing

19.) Ghostbusters (1984)

18.) Fear Street Trilogy

17.) Friday the 13th

16.) Birdbox

15.) Alien

14.) A Quiet Place

13.) Carrie

12.) The Nun

11.) The Shining

10.) Get Out

9.) A Nightmare on Elm Street

8.) Jaws

7.) The Exorcist

6.) Midsommer

5.) Insidious

4.) Halloween

3.) It

2.) The Conjuring

1.) Scream