Getting to know our staff: James Rinaggio


James Rinaggio

The newest teacher/director at GNA, James Rinaggio.

GNA CAMPUS – For the last two years, GNA has been missing a special piece to the puzzle of the arts. After a long time with only Dr. Bunnell in our music rooms, we finally have the newest member of the GNA arts staff. Mr. Rinaggio started at GNA over the summer by taking on the position of marching band director. The GNA Insider had the honor to sit and talk to Mr. Rinaggio about who he is and how his time at GNA has been so far. 


What college did you attend? What was your major?

I attended Marywood University for Music Education with a minor in Jazz Studies.


What was your high school experience like? How did deciding your future go?

I was a band nerd in high school. I basically lived in our school’s band area. Any free time I had I was practicing. My first year in my high school band I wasn’t the best player. Then I decided to take private lessons and I started to realize that what I want to do with my life is play saxophone.


How has your time been at GNA so far?

I’ve had a great time working at GNA so far. My students are dedicated, and the staff has been supportive.


Is there anything you’re excited to see happen this school year that’s a part of our traditions?

The one tradition I like is after every game the band comes back to the school and plays the song “Lean on Me”. The other one I like is how after every football game all the football players, cheerleaders, and band gather for the alma mater. It’s great being conducting and being a part of that tradition.


What is your goal as the next music teacher at GNA High School?

My main goal is to grow the band from what we have now to at least 50 people and for us to be one of the best marching bands in the area.


What do some of your hobbies include?

Some of my hobbies are playing saxophone, video games, and watching football.


What was your main reason for deciding to work in education?

The main reason I decided to work in education was my love for creating music. I like to see the progress from when the students first get a piece of music to when they perform it.


Do you have any advice for your students this year?

My best advice for students is to have fun this school year!


Thank you to Mr. Rinaggio for agreeing to the interview. The GNA Insider wishes him luck as he goes into the 22-23 school year!!