This is a poem I wrote about grief and how it doesn’t get better overnight – it takes time.


Jazmine Trathen

This picture I took long after I wrote this poem. I feel like it goes well with the topic of grief. Grief makes you appreciate the little things life gives you, and that’s what this picture stands for.

Grief is something that is not uncommon to most of humankind,

By the time we get older and graduate, We will have experienced much grief.

Too much if you ask me; 

We will go through the stages from top to bottom,

We will cry if needed but trust me you will because grief is not like anything else it takes a part of you not that you’ll notice right away.

It takes parts more and more every time you lose someone;

It makes all the memories bitter and every smile sad because grief shows no bounds and does not forgive all nor forgive any.

Grief is a harsh reality that we all have to face whether it be today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now it will always be something that we can’t get back.

So trust me when I say grief is the worst and the memories are unbearable because I have lost more than I can count,

But my grief started years ago. That’s a story for another time though.

There’s so much about grief that we don’t understand I mean yeah we go through the stages we cry we laugh we smile we scream we break things;

But no one really tells you what’s after that, after you’ve gone through all the stages and start dotting all your t’s.

They don’t tell you the exact time when you’ll be feeling like yourself again or even remotely close to who you were before grief had a play in your life.

I wonder why grief takes so much out of us? I mean besides they say it’s healthy to grieve but is it truly really healthy?

I feel like grieving takes more than it gives;

I wonder why they say that it gets better in time. Do they believe that? 

Do they believe that it truly gets better over time?

From my experience you just get used to the pain I guess but it never really goes away because the truth is it never leaves us. 

Grief always lingers around even after we are long gone.