How I kept my grades up in high school


Shaniyah Taylor, Student Writer

Before high school, I didn’t take my work seriously. I was constantly getting involved with others’ issues that turned into my issues. I got into trouble, and because of that, I didn’t have my grades as a priority.

After middle school, I wanted to be seen as a different person. Therefore, I set a goal to get all A’s by the end of 9th grade. As a result, I got all A’s. Now I’m a sophomore and from the beginning of the year, I wanted to continue this goal throughout the school year; so far I’ve accomplished my goal and I currently have all A’s.

One more month until school ends and I believe that I’ll have all A’s at the end of it. However, I want many of you to have the same drive and mindset when it comes to your grades by pushing yourself to do better and thinking about how amazing your future can become if you do the right thing for yourself. I really care about my peers and their futures. So, I gave you all some tips, so you can do better when it comes to school and grades.

  • Separate yourself from anyone that’s not trying to change their ways for the better. When you’re really trying to change yourself and do better, the people who aren’t trying will try and push you down. You need to surround yourself around people who want to change, who are supportive, and who want a bright future, so you guys can stick together until the end.
  • Take notes. This is the most important one. There are many people that are scared to take notes, for whatever reason they have, but taking notes is actually a smart way of learning. You can write down anything in your notebook and take them out later to study. Many of you like me, have a hard time remembering what was talked about in class, so always write it down, if you are ever unsure or confused.
  • Stay on top of all assignments. It’s a really good strategy to get assignments out the way so you’ll have time to complete others. So, every time an assignment is posted, get right to it. I know it seems like a lot but the quicker you’re done with an assignment, the quicker you can move on to the next.
  • If you’re ever confused, ask your teachers. Many people never ask their teacher questions when they’re confused about something and end up asking questions at the last minute, like right before a test or quiz. Teachers hate that more than anything because they explain a topic for a week or more just to get asked questions last minute, so always ask questions during lessons to familiarize yourself.
  • Never skip or miss class. If you miss class, there’s a big chance of you not knowing or understanding what went on there. You have to be on top of your work because your work will catch up with you and you’ll be overwhelmed. As a high school student, being overwhelmed with the work is common, but when you’re not doing your work it’s ten times worse.