This is a poem I wrote; it’s about a women not letting the world be her downfall or letting anyone get in her way of her dreams.


Jazmine Trathen

This picture is from my walk to the bus. I thought this went with the tone of the poem.

Jazmine Trathen, Student Writer

Must you realize just because rain comes

Does not mean she Shall bow down to the darkness

She will raise like the storm she has become

She will not let such foolishness be her downfall

And she won’t let anyone stop her

Because she is that of light and dark; She is equal She holds the balance within herself

She is so much better than black and white 

Her world is all shades of color 

From the lightest blues to the darkest shades of purple. 

The colors of her world show,

She is not weak; she has the strength to overcome her demons 

And she has, now she is getting what is rightfully hers.