Pepsi Super Bowl LVI halftime show

Take a look into Super Bowl LVI halftime show with various artists performing

UNITED STATES – The Super Bowl has come and gone in the blink of an eye and we are left with new Super Bowl champions and a half-time show that will be remembered for many years to come. With the Rams winning it all at the end of the day, I would say the artists that performed were the real winners. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar all hit the stage at different times, but they all meshed together perfectly. Let’s take a look at each section of the performance.

We first see Dr. Dre rise up onto the stage with his giant soundboard in front of him. The camera zooms out and we see the stage in all of its glory. This is the first Half-Time Show we see that the stage isn’t really a stage. We see four different structures that look like houses and apartments. And below the structures, we see a map of L.A. I would say that the simple but elaborate design of the stage really made this Half-Time Show memorable.

The camera then switches back to Dr. Dre who introduces Snoop Dogg. Then with a sudden switch between cameras, we see Snoop standing on top of the structure singing “The Next Episode,” one of the many songs Snoop and Dr. Dre have collaborated on. We see Snoop exit the top of the stage and we get a look behind the structures that they are performing on. On the other side, we see the structures set up like luxury houses and apartments. In front of Snoop, we see an all-white convertible which only adds to the L.A. vibe they are going for. We hear a brilliant transition from “The Next Episode” to “California Love.” We hear Dr. Dre throw down and we all know he still has it.

Then the camera pans down into one of the houses and we see 50 Cent hanging from the rafters of the house. Nobody was expecting him to be there, so when we see him hanging like how he was in his hit song “In Da Club” music video, that was in 2003, we knew he was still young and spry. We hear 50 start singing “In Da Club” with a bunch of backup dancers behind him. For 50 Cent being 46 years old, he can still throw down like no other.

We then see Mary J. Blige on top of one of the houses in her shiny outfit with six backup dancers behind her. She is singing “Family Affair” when we first see her. Many would say she is a product of Dr. Dre, like everyone else in the performance. So it was bittersweet to see them all come together with the person that made all of their careers. Mary then switches to “No More Drama” in an excellent transition. She brought the soul to a performance full of rap. Many would say she did absolutely amazing.

We then hear Kendrick Lamar and the camera flashes to the floor. Kendrick and his backup dancers are all in boxes. It is a very interesting way to start a performance but he kills. We first hear Kendrick singing “M.A.A.D City,” but in one of the best transitions of the night, he starts to sing “Alright.” Many did would say they were sad Kendrick didn’t perform “HUMBLE.” But Kendrick still had an amazing performance despite the criticism he received.

All of a sudden we hear Eminem but we don’t see him. Then with an explosion on the last building, we see Eminem arise from the debris and smoke. Then the ionic beat to “Lose Yourself” and the crowd goes wild. You can’t help but be excited to hear this music legend and mastermind throw down. And he does in every Eminem every way. I would personally say Eminem did the best out of everyone at the Half-Time Show. His whole performance was electrifying and got everyone hyped up for the finale.

Dr. Dre then goes and sits at a piano while the stage lowers. We hear him play the iconic beat to “Still D.R.E” and we all knew what was coming. Dr. Dre goes and joins Snoop on top of the middle building. Dr. Dre is throwing it down hard while we see the other artists back them up. Snoop takes over and we get to see all six artists together on the stage with the crowd going wild behind them. In a very electrifying performance, all the expectations for this Super Bowl Half-Time Show were met and exceeded.

Who will be next to the stage? Will they be better than these six music icons? Who knows what will happen but expectations are high for the 2023 Super Bowl Half-Time Show thanks to these six artists.