Jazmine Trathen, Student Writer

She was like the snow on my knees; she is the world under my feet. 

She is the loveliest soul I have met, she can’t possibly understand that I too was an unknown darkness. 

A fear she had yet to discover, 

It’s not that she was afraid of others knowing 

But she is afraid that her family won’t accept it…

Or her friends that seem so keen on being there. She was afraid they would find out; 

that she wasn’t like the others 

Men didn’t satisfy her or even appealed to her

But the girl down the street did. She was so lovely 

 Unbreathtakingly beautiful that even the angels would be fond of her beauty. 

She was the beauty you found once in a lifetime, the kind of girl you would cry over. 

The girl you would want to marry; the girl who deserves the world but,

If only she realized she liked women, not men…