Favorite Christmas gifts

As Christmas is upon us, we reflect on our most memorable gifts

Alycia Knorr, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS – As the holiday season is once again upon us, many people around the world are preparing for Christmas. Many are shopping for family, friends, and loved ones which brings back old memories. Many will be reminded of their favorite gifts from when they were a child to when they were old.

I asked different teachers and students what their favorite Christmas gift is and this is what they had to say:

Maura Jenceleski

My favorite Christmas gift I’ve ever received was tickets to the Broadway musical, Hamilton. This happened in the early happenings of 2020. I had been wanting and saving up to go see it for years before that Christmas day. When the moment came to watch it, I felt tears in my eyes. BEST GIFT EVER!!

MacKenzie Stratton

My favorite Christmas gift I have ever received would have to be Panic! At the Disco concert tickets. I was in seventh grade and my aunt had gotten both of us tickets to see them perform. So I got to spend a weekend in New York, see a Panic! concert, and miss school all for a Christmas present.

Ms. Hyder

My first favorite gift was a porcelain ballerina doll from my grandmother got for me. I remember REALLY wanting it, and she let me see it weeks before Christmas as our little secret. It was just another special bond we had, and I treasured it. She died of breast cancer when I was twelve, so it was something that was really important to me.

My second favorite gift was my piccolo. I had to open about 17 wrapped boxes to get to it! Going from flute to pic was a natural progression in the Marching Band world, but it required a lot of practice and dedication, and that eventually led to a place of leadership and ultimately my role as drum major. Music is probably the biggest part of who I am today, and plays a part in almost everything I do; even thirty years later, I’m still playing!

Kaitlyn Waage

My favorite gift that I’ve ever received has to be my PS4. Although that sounds very basic, it makes me happy. It makes me happy because I can not only play some wicked games, but I can watch Netflix.

Mr. Carey

My favorite Christmas gift is my Notre Dame football autographed by the seven Heisman Trophy winners. It is my favorite because I’m a big Notre Dame fan. I’m pretty sure you can figure that out from walking in my room. 

Sunni Popovich

My favorite gift has to be my One Direction tickets. It’s my favorite because I got to see my favorite group at the time play live in front of my eyes.

Xavier Skillens

My favorite gift is Legos. It’s my favorite because you can make whatever you want and it is all up to your own imagination. 

Alycia Knorr

My favorite gift I ever received probably has to be a mini photo album of my best friend and me. It’s my favorite because I know it came from the heart and I love sentimental gifts. I also love having it to look back on and reminisce about our friendship.

Ms. Nin

My favorite Christmas gift was socks, a lot of socks. I was a three-sport athlete and was known for wearing mix-matched socks on my sports teams. One year I was tired of never finding a matching pair, so I asked my entire family for socks of all lengths. I ended up getting around 50 pairs of socks from everyone and was the only year I had a gift in mind and that I received the gift I wanted.