‘What are you thankful for?’

The GNA Insider display gives an opportunity to express thanks.


Alycia Knorr

The GNA Insider display is located outside the high school main office.

GNA CAMPUS – With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, The GNA Insider created a display to give students and staff the opportunity to express what they are thankful for. The display board allowed participants to anonymously write down what they are thankful for, then post it.

Below are some of the notes left:

“NFC, Pizza, and Friday.”


“Money+ My Friend0.s”

“The fantastic students and staff at GNA.”

“Hot Wings, Fried Chicken, Seafood, and Ramen.”

“Mrs. Pray and her Kind Heart.”

The display is located in front of the office and is open for any student or faculty to use. I encourage everyone to at least check it out and see what it’s about. Let us know what you are thankful for!