Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week

GNA CAMPUS – If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to help expand your horizons and become a future leader, then consider attending the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week this summer. 

What is PFEW?

A unique and challenging program that provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about business and our free enterprise system. This program opens doors for high school sophomores and juniors to learn what it takes to succeed in our fast-paced world filled with endless changes and challenges. You will receive practical tools and knowledge that will help you determine your career path while making life-long connections and friendships. Since 1979, this internationally acclaimed program has taught students what it takes to make our private enterprise system work.

What will I do at PFEW?

  •  Form an executive management team with your peers and run your own imaginary business
  • Compete against other student companies throughout the week
  • Determine selling prices, marketing costs, production budgets, research and development, banking, and other decisions to help your company succeed
  • Develop a complete marketing and advertising campaign for your company
  • Make all the decisions that are demanded of real-life company executives
  • Hear and meet world-class speakers who will share their experiences on a wide variety of topics
  • Live on a college campus and get a taste of college life
  • Spend a week with some of Pennsylvania’s top executives who will inspire and motivate you
  • Explore career fields and have doors opened to your future
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

Who can attend? 

  • All applicants must: Be a current sophomore or junior;
  • Have the written permission of a legal guardian;
  • Have the endorsement of a school official/educator;
  • Submit completed application and enrollment materials by the given due date.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the application, write two short essays, obtain the required information from a school official/educator and submit to PFEW.
  • You can also apply online at Online applications are processed faster.
  • You can check the status of your application on the PFEW website by clicking on the “check status’ link on the homepage

How much does it cost?

Students submit a non-refundable registration fee if accepted (do NOT submit fee with application) Financial aid and/or payment plans are available by contacting them when accepted. The cost is kept low thanks to PFEW’s generous donors who provide sponsorships valued at over $1500 for every student accepted to PFEW. The registration fee combined with the sponsorships covers materials, activities, meals, and lodging. 


To find out more information about PFEW please visit their website at