Mrs. Makarcyzk’s family tree project


Mrs. Makarcyzk’s American Cultures class recently completed their annual family tree project where students researched their family heritage. According to, finding information about your family history helps you “discover what makes you uniquely you.”

The GNA Insider interviewed Mrs. Makarczyk to ask her a few questions regarding this project:

What inspired you to do this project?

I was inspired by teaching the chapter on Immigration. I was amazed at the amount of students who do not know their nationality. I think every student should sit down with their parents, grandparents, etc. and learn about their ancestors. It allows a student to visit their family’s history and hear the stories about their family.

What is the importance of knowing your heritage?

Who doesn’t want to know their grandmother’s maiden name? Why did your family settle in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania? Family tree projects should always begin at home, by interviewing and recording the recollections and stories of living relatives before they are lost forever!

Do you believe everyone should learn about their heritage at a young age? Why or why not?

In my case, there is a story that is handed down about my father’s’ grandparents coming to America from Ireland and why they settled in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. These stories are forever. I feel that all of these stories that are handed down from generation to generation are useful for documentation and treasured.

Do you think websites such as are useful for finding your heritage? Why or why not?

My family is very lucky that the names of our ancestors were recorded for future generations. I know that many people use to help them discover the origin of their families. I think it has become an important tool in finding the information that aids them in the search for their ancestors.