Red Ribbon Week

GNA hosts a “red out” to raise awareness of drug abuse.

Harley LaRue and

GNA decked the halls with red ribbon this week as the annual Red Ribbon Week rolled back around. Started by the National Family Partnership, the aim of Red Ribbon Week is to raise awareness toward drug and alcohol abuse. NFP, since its founding nearly 30 years ago, has devoted its time to promoting the well-being of young adults.  The campaign has touched the lives of millions around the world.

The National Red Ribbon Campaign™  began in 1985 when DEA Agent Enrique Camarena was murdered. He was an undercover agent for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration who was killed while working on an assignment in Mexico. Angered citizens across the world began to wear red ribbons to draw attention to the destruction that drugs caused in America. Still today, millions across the United States wear a red ribbon to honor his death.

In honor of Red Ribbon Week, GNA will be hosting a “red out” on Friday, October 27th. Students are encouraged to wear red on this day to raise awareness for those who struggle in the fight against drug abuse. You can donate to the cause using the link below.