District chorus: pre-auditions

Madelyn Bugdonovitch, Student Writer

Each year, the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) hosts many festivals like District, Regional, and All-State chorus, band, and orchestra. In order to attend and participate in these the music festivals, students must go through a series of auditions. On the district level, only twenty students in each voice part make it to the district festival.

This year, pre-auditions were held at the Tunkhannock  Area High School on Sunday, October 15. Pre-auditions determine which students get to go to the District Chorus Festival. During these auditions, students were required to sing a section of a previously prepared choral piece in front of a panel of judges. Students are then judged on tone quality, familiarity with the music, note/pitch accuracy, etc.

This year, ten students auditioned for District Chorus. They include Sopranos; Madelyn Bugdonovitch, Catherine Morris, Kateri Ostraszewski, Altos; Kendal Grimm, Kaylee Simmons,  Alicia Pacheco, Emalie Rowles,  Tenor; David Mash, and Basses; Kyle Stratton and Gabe Jenceleski.

This year, competition was stiff, but GNA is proud to congratulate the following students for making it to District Chorus:  Kateri Ostraszewski, Catherine Morris, Kendal Grimm, Emaile Rowles, David Mash, Gabe Jenceleski, and Kyle Stratton.