Adopt a Senior

Adopt a Senior

Sophia Tattersall, Student Writer

For the graduating class of 2021, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has had control over the quality of their last two years of high school. They were forced to adapt their learning through new online methods and were on standby as their school events were canceled or postponed.

With spring quickly approaching, many seniors have graduation on their minds and wonder how their ceremonies will occur following all the safety guidelines – whether that be in person with limited guests or completely virtual. Graduation is one of the greatest moments for these young adults and the months building up to the date create a sense of excitement, sadness, and freedom. 

As these hardworking seniors are preparing to finish strong, the community is able to give their support and appreciation from the sidelines. This is possible through the “Adopt a Senior” program, connecting members of the community with these spectacular students, rewarding them for their hard work and dedication. It allows an individual to figuratively “adopt” a senior student and give them a package of goodies to make their day. To learn how to adopt or become adopted, read the following list.

How to “Adopt a Senior” steps:

On your post, list the seniors’ accomplishments such as I did.
  1. You will first need to have a Facebook account. You can use the search feature on the app or website to find an “Adopt a Senior” group for your area.
  2. Once you find a group, join. The group that I joined was “Luzerne County Adopt a High School Senior 2021.”
  3. Now you can make your post or look at others’ posts. If you were interested in adopting a senior, search through your group and read about various amazing seniors. Once you find a senior you connect with, leave a comment stating you would like to adopt them. If you are interested in posting someone or post yourself to become adopted, follow step 4.
  4. After you are accepted into the group, you can make your post. When creating your post, you will attach photos of the senior and write a brief description about them. You can add anything that displays the senior’s interests, academic accomplishments or sports participation. (View my example next to this list.) Anyone can nominate a senior, even the senior themselves.
  5. Now you sit back and wait. Other members in the group will view your post and notify you if they are interested in adopting the senior. Through personal messages, you will text your adopter and plan a meet-up date and time.
  6. Don’t forget to mark your post as “ADOPTED” when you are done to notify others that you are taken care of!

Adopt a Senior is a wonderful program that lifts outstanding students who are transitioning to the adult world. Please consider joining one of these Adopt a Senior groups.