Are mullets making a comeback?

Gabe Josefowicz, Student Writer

Is formal in the front and party in the back returning? Some would say yes. Others, no. I for one am pro-mullet. Truthfully, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love a good mullet. It is the true form of party rocki’n.

The mullet originally came into style in the 1980s. It was mainstreamed by musician David Bowie, a true staple of Ziggy Stardust. 

So for this year, we have already seen Miley Cyrus take on the mullet with the very popular photo of her sitting on a bench with an overgrown house in the background. 

Some believe that Joe Exotic is the reason the mullet is making a return. 

Even some of my friends are even starting to rock the mullet. It is also starting to become quite the trend on TikTok.

Would you consider getting a mullet?