Compare & contrast

Gabe Josefowicz, Student Writer

Every day we are told to try and write our own path in life. Try not to make the same mistakes people before us did. Use your creativity and try not to be like everyone else. No matter how much we are constantly fed these words, people still follow suit with those who came before them. Thinking that what they did is the path to success and that they are afraid to write their own.

New bands sound like old bands, new styles are old styles, remake after remake, remaster after remaster. The fiddler’s tune has remained the same in the generation that is supposed to “fix the world.”

Everyone is trying to be the next Kobe, Kurt Cobain, Derek Jeter, and Calvin Klein. No one realizes that those people got where they are from being themselves. Sure they had inspiration from those before them, but they didn’t model themselves in the footsteps of other people. In the process of taking inspiration from someone, people seem to try and mold themselves into their inspirations. This especially happens a lot in music.

People should just be themselves as much as they can be because that’s exactly what people want to see and hear. 

Everyone desires something new – something different to come along whether it is to wear, to listen, or to watch. A lot of people don’t want another remaster or remake. They desire and want something that is good, new, and original. 

I feel like we need to do that more as a society. We need to focus more on this and not reproduce the same nonsense over and over, time after time, again and again. 

Just be yourself, be creative, and be original.