The first day of winter

Love it or hate it – it has arrived

Gabe Josefowicz, Student Writer

As a kid, I loved snow days. I have very fond memories of playing in the snow with my friends and my family. It’s such a special thing when you are younger. Not a care in the world, just frolicking through snow making snow angels and disproportional, lopsided snowballs. Just about every morning in 3rd and 4th grade I would hope and pray for a snow day. No school and snow. It didn’t get much better than that truthfully, and it was amazing. Also, I loved going sledding or sleigh riding, whichever you prefer.

But these days, snow just completely and utterly ruins me. When I hear the word snow I just want to vomit.

I don’t know what ruined the snow for me. Probably the fact that I have to shovel it and that it’s cold outside. The cold is definitely not my thing at all. I’d rather sweat than be freezing.

I feel like when the first day of winter comes on the calendar everyone is already over it. Here’s a common occurrence I have talked to some sources about. It feels that the first few days of winter feel like they are actually at the end of November. Now, why is this? A possibility could be that stores instantly start putting out the Christmas items right in the middle of November. More recently it appears that the Christmas items start coming out in stores earlier and earlier every year for the sole sake of stores being greedy and wanting to make the most money out of the most wonderful time of the year. This year I noticed that there were Christmas sweaters in Target before Halloween. Is that not a little overkill?

Do consumers even buy Christmas items in the middle of October? I would have to assume they do. Considering the fact that they keep putting them out early for a reason I suppose.

The first snowfall is another reasoning I have behind this. Just the other day when it snowed I saw everyone complaining on Facebook about how much they hate winter. But technically it was still fall, and I don’t think anyone even stopped to think about it or even knew it was still fall.

Perhaps the first day of the season should be changed, or perhaps they are fine just the way they are. That is for you to decide…