The Pulsera Project

GNA students are teaming up to support Central American artists.

Harley LaRue, Student Writer

Greater Nanticoke Area’s Spanish Honor Society, or Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica in Spanish, will be selling hand-woven bracelets, called pulseras, to give hope and empower the artists who make them in Nicaragua and Guatemala. These bracelets are being sold through a system called the Pulsera Project. From 10/30/2017 to 11/13/2018, these bracelets will be sold in the High School cafeteria during each lunch for only $5. Each bracelet is tagged with the picture and signature of the artist.

The Pulsera Project buys these bracelets from Central American artists and then pairs with student groups to sell the bracelets to schools. The money made from these sales goes toward financing programs that fund secondary education, university scholarships, housing programs, youth shelter support, workers’ rights advocacy, environmental initiatives, and even more. Pulsera sales empower the artists with fair-trade employment, so they can provide for themselves and their families. Over 200 artists are involved with the making of these bracelets. There are even cooperatives, such as MayaMam and Sanik, who work together to create pulseras, handbags, and headbands using an ancient looming and weaving processes. 

Buying one of these bracelets will benefit these artists in more ways than one can think. Make sure to check them out in the cafeteria!