Stressed out? Try this!

Quarantine has brought a lot of things including new-found free time. Times like this are very stressful for everyone but something that might help alleviate the pressure is keeping yourself busy.

Hobbies are a great thing to get into. You can also take this time to give your home some tender loving care. Maybe your house is a little cluttered, so use this time to sort and donate things you no longer need. If the grocery store is causing problems maybe it’s time to try gardening. Keeping yourself busy can help keep your days flowing instead of dragging. 

Hobbies such as sewing and crafting are very popular. If you enjoy giving back maybe you can take this time to make facemasks for the community or the essential workers. Crafting can be very time consuming which is very good because it gives less room for other things such as stress. If crafting or sewing is not your thing, maybe home improvement is.

Do you have an unfinished bathroom, or maybe a cluttered closet? This might be your opportunity to finish or clean out these things. Projects like redoing a bathroom require many hours or days of attention. Using quarantine as an extended version of spring cleaning is also a good idea. Going through closets can help you to declutter and make someone else’s day. If the clothes you no longer want are still in good condition donation is a good option. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are places that are always willing to accept clothes. In Wilkes-Barre, PA, there is a women’s homeless shelter called Ruth’s Place. The people at Ruth’s Place are always grateful for anything donated whether it’s clothing, feminine hygiene products, toothbrushes or perishable food they will gladly accept it. Donating always makes people feel good but if it is too dangerous to get out right now that is okay too.

If the grocery store is having shortages of your favorite vegetables and herbs maybe it’s time to consider gardening. Gardening is a great use of time and the reward is also amazing. Growing things from tomatoes to strawberries can feed you and your family throughout the entire summer. If the grocery store is out of blueberries it will be okay because you have the opportunity to go home and pick them off of your own bush if you want. Gardening can also lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

If these things don’t excite you, that is alright because there is always something for everyone. Try an activity that is outside of your comfort zone. You might find your new passion during quarantine. It is important to find something that interests you in order to keep yourself stress-free and healthy. Hobbies, home DIY, and gardening are some great alternatives for your free time but it is important to also practice social distancing to stay safe. 


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