January 2020: Historical society display case

Jenna Baron, Student Writer

GNA CAMPUS- In an effort to strengthen the bond between Greater Nanticoke Area School District and the City of Nanticoke, Mr. Litch and Ms. Scibek have reached out to the Nanticoke Historical Society to set up a display case in the main hallway. Each month the case will have a different themed display involving the history of Nanticoke.

Mr. Litch and Ms. Scibek, after deciding on a theme, will reach out to Chet Zaremba of the Nanticoke Historical Society. Mr. Zaremba will then look into the Society’s archives, and if a sufficient amount of artifacts fitting the theme are present, he will send them to the school to be a part of that month’s display.

This month’s display case is a representation of the Nanticoke Hospital. There are photos of the staff with patients and the building itself. Although it isn’t a functioning hospital anymore, the building still stands today as an important landmark on the city of Nanticoke.

The timeline inside the display case lists the history and descriptions of the hospital. In 1892, the first discussion was held on the need for a hospital in Nanticoke. November 1907, the Susquehanna Coal Company donated three acres of land for the construction of a hospital. On October 12, 1909, The Nanticoke Hospital was opened. The hospital went through a series of changes over its lifetime. It started as the Nanticoke Hospital from 1909-1914. It later became the Nanticoke State Hospital from 1914-1963. From 1963-1990 it was the Nanticoke State General Hospital. Before closing it was finally known as Mercy Special Care Hospital.

There are also pictures of the different kinds of staff such as nurses and ambulance personnel. Walking by this display case is like walking back in time to see what Nanticoke was like when we had such a significant landmark in our town.