How much are you spending?

GNA CAMPUS – Students at Greater Nanticoke Area are always eager to buy snacks from school sales. Those teachers selling goods are doing so to help raise money for their specific fundraiser and all proceeds go to a just cause; however, the amount of money students spend daily on snacks is appalling. 

Mr. Stetz’s runs the candy shop where you can buy anything from veggie straws to chocolate bars to iced tea. Mrs. Jeffries sells pop tarts to combos to kool-aid drinks. Mrs. Beggs hosts “healthy snack central,” where she sells granola bars, apples, and oranges. 

Some students frequently visit the sales, becoming regulars, who spend upward of five dollars every single day. That number doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you spend five dollars a day for an entire week, that adds up to 25 dollars. If a student were to spend five dollars every day of the school year, by the last day of school, they would have spent around 900 dollars on snacks during the school year. That five dollars seems harmless when spending it, but by the end of the year that could have been 900 dollars to put toward something else. 

Supporting your school is something that every student should do; however, be cautious with the amount of money that you are spending on items you don’t really need. Being smart with your money in high school can help you become more economical in the future.