Student of the month: December 2019


GNA CAMPUS – December’s students of the month here at GNA is Lance Jenson. He has received this award for his academic success and responsibility. The GNA Insider had the honor of catching up with him to ask some questions.

Lance Jenson

  • What’s your favorite class?
    • This year, definitely AP Literature with Mrs. Jeffries. Analyzing what we read makes the assignments very enjoyable. 
  • Who’s your favorite teacher? 
    • All of them . . . 
  • What’s your favorite subject?
    • It’s a tie between history and physics
  • What’s your favorite song?
    • Well, recently my favorite song has been “This One of That One?” by Six Parts Seven. Overall I’d have to just go with my favorite artist, Linkin Park. 
  • What’s your favorite movie?
    • Alien, best sci fi-horror crossover
  • What’s your favorite lunch that the school serves? 
    • Buffalo dip with pita bread. It can’t get better than that.
  • What’s your favorite holiday?
    • Thanksgiving, easily. In recent years we’ve been going to North Carolina, so Thanksgiving means a trip to my favorite state.
  • What’s your favorite color? 
    • Blue. Just walk into my room at home and you will see a blue overload.
  • Angelo’s of Gerry’s?
    • Neither, Pizza Perfect is the best #SicilianIsBetter (also best wings in the valley)
  • Did you expect to be a student of the month?
    • Not at all. It was a surprise, but a pleasant one at that.