Choosing courses


GNA CAMPUS- Deciding which classes to take is no doubt overwhelming. Each year students receive course selection sheets that present them with a multitude of classes that they may choose to take during the next school year. Luckily, a Program of Studies is available for students and parents to view so that they may have an abundance of information regarding all of the different classes that GNA offers. The 2019-2020 Program of Studies is available for all to view, though additional courses will be added for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Program of Studies fulfills a vast number of tasks, including differentiating between honors, non-honors, and AP courses, along with presenting the grading scale and the amount of weight that honors and AP courses hold. It also defines the parameters for the honor roll by listing the required grades that are needed to be included in the honors with distinction, high honors, and honors categories. Additionally, the Program of Studies states which students are eligible for dual enrollment and vocational schooling, both of which endow students with the opportunity to further their education at esteemed institutions apart from GNA.

Perhaps most importantly, the Program of Studies provides a detailed description of all of the English, math, science, history, language, career credit, and elective courses that students may sign up for. Since all of these subjects have a variety of classes that go along with each one, the Program of Studies contains information regarding grade level, prerequisite courses, and the necessary final averages that one must have in order to sign up for the classes. 

Despite the influx of information, the Program of Studies will undoubtedly assist both parents and students when the course selection sheets are handed out and a decision must be made concerning scheduling for the next school year. 

If one wishes to access the Program of Studies, they may do so by clicking here.