25 Days of Kindness


The 25 Days of Kindness list is located outside the high school office. Once an act of kindness is completed, a snowflake is added to the wall displaying the act. Remember, kindness costs nothing, but means everything.

Jenna Baron, Student Writer



GNA CAMPUS – Greater Nanticoke Area is challenging its students to make the campus a better place – simply by being kind.

The challenges in the 25 Days of Kindness are actually pretty simple. After completing one, write your name and the number of the act you completed on a snowflake. Then put the snowflake in the box and wait for it to make it on the wall. Have fun trying to complete them all!

The 25 Acts of Kindness to complete are: 

  1. Leave a quarter in the vending machine!
  2. Hold the door open!
  3. Tell a teacher “Good morning/afternoon!”
  4. Pay someone a compliment!
  5. Thank a lunch lady!
  6. Pick up trash in the hall or cafeteria!
  7. Tell someone you are proud of them!
  8. Tell someone you appreciate having them in your life!
  9. Tell your parents you love them!
  10. Do a chore without being asked!
  11. Stand up for someone who is being mistreated!
  12. Call your grandparents, just to chat!
  13. Ask your family about how their day was and really listen!
  14. Keep your cell phone away in class and actually pay attention!
  15. Put your phone away at dinner and actually have a conversation!
  16. Ask someone if there is anything you can do to help them out!
  17. Commit DBHs! (Drive-By-Hugs- if the person is receptive)
  18. Commit DBHFs! (Drive-By-High-Fives)
  19. Carry back your neighbor’s garbage or recycling cans!
  20. Tell Ms. Scibek and Mr. Speece they’re doing a great job in this crazy place!
  21. Tell a teacher the same thing!
  22. Smile at people (not creepy though)!
  23. Be sure to tell at least one person you love them today!
  24. Be kind to yourself, because you’re fabulous!
  25. Come up with your own and write on a snowflake!