November 2019: Historical Society display case


Jenna Baron, Student Writer



GNA CAMPUS- In an effort to strengthen the bond between Greater Nanticoke Area School District and the City of Nanticoke, Mr. Litch and Ms. Scibek have reached out to the Nanticoke Historical Society to set up a display case in the main hallway. Each month the case will have a different themed display involving the history of Nanticoke.

Mr. Litch and Ms. Scibek, after deciding on a theme, will reach out to Chet Zaremba of the Nanticoke Historical Society. Mr. Zaremba will then look into the Society’s archives, and if a sufficient amount of artifacts fitting the theme are present, he will send them to the school to be a part of that month’s display.

November’s theme is a homage to Veterans Day. It is filled with memorabilia of local Veterans and their time spent overseas. The principal of the educational center here at GNA is featured in this display. There are also pictures and awards of a grandfather and granddaughter. The granddaughter is SGT Margaret Rose Haydock, Operation Enduring Freedom. Her grandfather was CPL John Haydock, a World War II veteran. There is a letter written to her family honoring the bravery she showed during deployment. Dave Warren is also displayed in the case. He is a 2008 graduate of GNA. He enlisted on November 9th, 2009 and is still active today. Warren is currently ranked E-^Technical Sergeant. 

November’s display gives one a sense of gratitude. It is a reminder that freedom is not free.