Empty bowls 2019



Maya Davison, Guest Writer



GNA CAMPUS – On November 3rd, the Greater Nanticoke School District will be hosting the Empty Bowls Project at the Greater Nanticoke School Area Educational Center.

A handmade bowl, a serving of soup, bread and a drink will be served to adults for 15 dollars, and only five dollars for children. PLEASE join Greater Nanticoke Area School District and Luzerne Community College TO HELP STOP HUNGER IN OUR COMMUNITY.

Empty Bowls started in 1990 as a normal art class project in a Michigan high school in order to gain funds for a food drive in their community. With this, many students made ceramic bowls and served soup and bread to the hungry of their community. The bowl that the attenders were given was a reminder of the hunger that is in this world, and so they were allowed to keep it.

This simple project was soon brought to the light of others and began supplying support for food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other hunger helping organizations.