Red Ribbon Week 2019



NANTICOKE – Red Ribbon Week begins Monday, October 21st and continues until Friday, October 25th.

Red Ribbon Week is the oldest drug prevention program in the nation. This week of prevention is to help bring awareness to the harm of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

The Red Ribbon Week is celebrated as a tribute to DEA Special Agent Enrique Camerena who was killed in Guadalajara, Mexico. Enrique was on a mission for over four years monitoring the multi-million dollar narcotics investigation. He and his pilot were kidnapped on the same day but at different times and later found dead. In honor of Special Agent Enrique, we celebrate Red Ribbon Week every October.

GNA is celebrating our version of Red Ribbon Week on Friday, November 1st. This is during our “Hallo-Week” at GNA, where we will wear red to show our support for drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention.