Second GNA graduate featured in King’s Magazine

Two GNA graduates were featured in King’s Magazine summer ’19 issue

Jenna Baron, Student Writer



KING’S COLLEGE – Nicolas Littzi, a Greater Nanticoke Area alumnus, was featured in the 2019 summer issue of King’s Magazine, “Caring for the Community, health sciences at King’s.” Nicolas is currently studying to become an Athletic Trainer.

Within the same summer issue of King’s Magazine, GNA graduate Samantha Labenski was featured on the cover (click the following link to read about Samantha: Former GNA student on cover of King’s Magazine).

Recently, King’s College has adapted its Athletic Training program from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree. This change is a representation of how the schooling system is adapting to the ever-growing health care system.

Unfortunately, Nicolas was too far along in the bachelor’s in AT program to be considered for matriculation into the MSAT program. Nicholas is currently in his final year at King’s in which he will be receiving his degree in Athletic Training upon graduation. 

The GNA Insider sat down with Nicolas to ask him some questions:

Is the workload needed to get this degree immense? 

Most individuals when they think of a “trainer” may think of the person who only tapes them prior to an athletic event.  While taping is under our scope of practice, we athletic trainers are certified and licensed healthcare professionals holding advanced knowledge in all areas of the human body with an emphasis on the neuromusculoskeletal system.  We rehabilitate, counsel, motivate, utilize therapeutic modalities like electrical stimulation, ultrasound, manual therapies, and that only scratches the surface of what we are capable of. Thus, there is a lot of work involved and corresponding diligence/commitment required to learn the copious amounts of information to be proficient healthcare providers in 4 years. 

How does it feel to be featured in the King’s Magazine summer 2019 issue? 

Being featured in the King’s magazine was an honor.  I was absolutely humbled to be in the issue which disseminated information about our program advancement and what we as Athletic Trainers can offer. 

During your time at GNA, what types of classes helped you with your current studies at kings? 

As we “upgrade” our program to an entry-level MSAT, AT will no longer be categorized in the Sports Medicine department;  instead, students will matriculate into our Exercise Science undergraduate degree and take the necessary prerequisites before admittance into the MSAT program.  These prerequisites include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, all of which I took at GNA and facilitated my learning experience. 

Would you consider GNA to have been a strong building block to prepare you for college? 

Absolutely.  It was five years at GNA where I built not only my educational foundation but also my social relationships which will last a lifetime.  The instructors at GNA are part of my journey, and whenever I think retrospectively to where it all began, I will forever be grateful to have had the GNA faculty in my life.

Do you have any advice for current GNA students who are interested in this program/major? 

I would congratulate those interested in continuing their education after high school.  That is a big decision in terms of your time and finances! Here are a few questions you should ask yourself if you are interested in Athletic Training:  

Am I fascinated with the human body and its amazing intrinsic ability to heal with a little facilitation?  

Am I motivated to help others in healthcare?  If I want to help others, do I wish to help mainly younger cohorts like high school and college athletes (This is a big deciphering question between Physical Therapy and Athletic Training)?  

Am I diligent enough to work long hours and devote my life to the healthcare of others?  

If you answered “Yes” to all of these, there is a strong possibility and probability that AT will be worth not only your time and money, but also a contributor to fulfillment in your life which is what it’s all about.  You should also visit King’s College and shadow our current AT students working under the best Clinical Professors/AT’s on the East Coast, if not the entire country (literally). Why? We have faculty members serving as Presidential, Treasurer, and Secretarial roles in some of the most prominent Athletic Training organizations in the country.  One of our faculty members was President of the Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association (EATA) last year, another is currently the Treasurer of EATA, and practically all of our faculty are involved professionally outside of the classroom in some way. I can assure you that you would be learning from the best of the best for the most fruitful experience possible.