Getting to know our staff: Jackie Victor (college adviser)


Morgan Burleigh, Student Writer



What college did you go to? What did you major in?

I attended King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Political Science with a minor in Professional Writing.

What do you hope to do during your time here as GNA’s College Adviser?

During my time at GNA, I would like to accomplish the following:

1.) Educate — I want to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the
options and resources available to students and their families, based on their
unique circumstances. The college process is constantly changing and
keeping up with everything can be overwhelming. I hope to serve as a
resource and help students make an informed decision about their futures.
2.) Encourage — The college/career search can be stressful, but sometimes all a
student needs is for someone to support and believe in them. I know each
student is capable of doing amazing things, and I want to encourage them to
reach their full potential.
3.) Advocate — Even though many will refer to me as a college adviser, I want to
help every student achieve the best possible outcome. Whether they want to
attend a 4-year college, pursue a technical education/certificate program, join
the military or enter the workforce, I will do anything in my power to facilitate
the process. All I ask is that a student reciprocates the effort and does his/her

What do you think students struggle with the most while preparing for

Given the rising cost of college, navigating the financial aid process is a universal
struggle for students. However, even though college is expensive, there is a lot of
free money available to supplement the cost. You just need to know where to look
and how to obtain it. I’ll be hosting a few events this year to guide families with this

How do you like GNA so far?

It’s been really nice to be back at GNA. Everyone has been so kind and welcomed me
back with open arms. I’ve also been fortunate because I really love my job! Working
with so many talented and ambitious students definitely makes every day rewarding.

Is GNA any different from how you remember it? 

GNA is pretty similar to how I remember it, but there have been some positive
academic changes that I’ve noticed. There is a lot more rigorous coursework
available to students, especially with the addition of many AP and honors classes.
This exposure will surely be beneficial for students as they prepare for college, and
beyond. Students are also a lot more informed about their post-secondary options,
as a result of my predecessors, Ms. Jarman and Mr. Yamulla, and their hard work and

What hobbies do you have outside of school?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, engaging in political activities,
watching Netflix and Hulu and cooking.

Who was your favorite teacher when you went to GNA?

I can honestly say that I had so many incredible teachers at GNA. It has been an
honor to work with them, both as a student and now as a colleague.
If I had to choose some, in particular, I would say Mr. Carey and Mr. Litch were my
favorites. I really enjoyed their classes and they were constant sources of support and

What inspired you to work in education?

Giving each student access to a quality education is fundamental to the success of
our society. Unfortunately, there are far too many students who don’t have access to
the funding and resources they deserve, simply because of their zip code or the
school district they attend.
I’ve always been passionate about this issue, which is why when this job opportunity
presented itself, I couldn’t turn it down. With the assistance of the Pennsylvania
College Advising Corps, I believe I can positively impact our community and work
towards achieving educational equity.

What are your greatest accomplishments?

During my senior year of college, I was selected to participate in the Pennsylvania
House Fellowship program. For 13 weeks, I worked at the Pennsylvania State Capitol
building in Harrisburg.
Throughout the program, I drafted an original piece of legislation – which concerned
discipline policies in Pennsylvania schools. Upon completion, I presented my work to
legislative staff and representatives.
It was very enlightening to get a first-hand insight into how our laws are created.

What is your biggest piece of advice for students?

Do your best! We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but a little bit of effort
can make a big impact. Find something you’re passionate about and give it your all!