Meet the 2019-2020 GNA Homecoming Court


Photos by Andy



Gabby Proleika

Escorted by Adam Eckhart, Gabby Proleika is the daughter of Carol and Ed Proleika and is the 2019-2020 homecoming queen. 

Photos by Andy

When Gabby heard the results of the voting, she said, “I was completely shocked. When I didn’t hear my name announced, I just sat super oblivious to the fact that I was also a contender for the queen. My mind instantly went to my friends who won and how happy I was for them. When I heard my name get called for Miss GNA I was totally overwhelmed. I remember saying, ‘That’s me? Wait me?!’” Miss Warman even stopped class so she could call her mom and tell her the news. 

When it comes to extracurriculars, Gabby has been the president for the 2020 class since the tenth grade and has been a member of the Interact club since the eighth grade. In her spare time, Gabby enjoys drawing, and she can spend anywhere from thirty minutes to ten hours on a single piece.

Though her whole experience has been memorable, she would say that the most exciting aspect of being queen is that she can represent GNA with all of her friends and take pictures with all of the children at the football game. 

Gabby has always been a student at Nanticoke, having lived in West Nanticoke for her entire life. 

When asked what her favorite GNA memory was, Gabby immediately recalled the time when she, along with Abbey Zegarski, stole the whiteboard from Mr. Collins’ room. Mr. Stove even helped them hide it, and Mr. Collins has footage of them stealing it which he got from the security cameras.

For Gabby, the most important part of high school was not the information she learned, but all of the friends and memories she has made. 

Gabby’s favorite teacher is Mr. David Prushinski, and she greatly enjoys his AP Biology class, for while it may be a challenging course, the content is fascinating, thus making it worth it. 

After her high school days come to a close, Gabby hopes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine so that she can study biology and go on to care for animals.

Gabby has had a multitude of positive experiences at GNA, and she will, therefore, have a tough time leaving all of her friends in June.

Gabby looks up to her mom, dad, brother, and friends, all of whom she considers to have shaped her to be selfless, caring, and unique. They have taught her that it’s alright to be herself and not to care what other people may think. Gabby is thankful for all that she has been given and will not forget all that she has learned.


Brittney Guyer

Escorted by Zack Pelton, Brittney Guyer is the daughter of Diana Guyer. Brittney is an honorary member of the 2020 homecoming court.

Photos by Andy

When Brittney found out she was voted onto the court, she was “so surprised” that she at first “cried then squealed in excitement.” 

In her free time Brittney takes part in many extracurricular activities including Future Business Leaders of America, the GNA choir, and miscellaneous exploration of culinary arts.

For Brittney, the most exciting part about being on the homecoming court is representing the high school population that goes to Wilkes-Barre Area Career & Technical Center. Brittney stated, “being a ‘tech kid’ I never thought it would be possible to hold such a high title. Getting the opportunity to represent both GNA and Wilkes-Barre Area Career & Technical Center is the most exciting and important part of being on the court.” 

Brittney formerly lived in Hazelton until the fourth grade when she moved to Nanticoke. 

Her favorite memory at GNA would have to be moments like the spirit games and dances, for Brittney enjoys when all of the teachers and the student body come together like one big family.

For Brittney the most important part of high school was making an impact and her peers and everyone around her.

When asked about her favorite teacher, Brittney said, “for sure it is hands down Mrs. Rutkowski.” She admires how Mrs. Rutkowski is so selfless and really loves what she does.

After high school, she plans on going to the Word of Life Fellowship in New York for ministry.

The things Brittney will miss the most about GNA are the bonds she has made with her favorite teachers and fellow students. 

The most influential people in Brittney’s life are her church family, her Wilkes-Barre Area Career & Technical Center teachers, her chorus teacher Mrs. Rutkowski, and her close friends from chorus.


Stefanya Golightly

Escorted by Kyle Bobeck, Stefanya Golightly is the daughter of Rebecca Golightly. Stefanya is an honorary member of the 2020 homecoming court.

Photos by Andy

When Stefanya found out she was on the homecoming court, she looked at fellow court member Abbey Zegarski, and started to cry tears of joy. She is so happy and thankful to represent GNA. Stefanya added, “I might have also punched Abbey in the face. . .”

In her free time, she works at Revellos and is a four-year varsity cheerleader.

For Stefanya, there are many exciting things about being on the court, but the most exciting thing is for her is “getting the opportunity to represent our school.” 

Stefanya was born and raised in Nanticoke. She has lived here for 17 years.

Her favorite memory of her life at GNA was the senior parade. This is her fondest memory because she got to hang out with her best friends Abbey and Katie.

The most important thing Stefanya learned in high school was to always be nice to everyone, even if they aren’t nice to you. 

Her favorite teachers are Mr. Prushinski or Mr. Collins, this decision was what Stefanya called, “a rough one.” Her favorite class at GNA was Ms. Hyder’s English class. 

After high school Stefanya plans to attend Misericordia University to enter into the nursing program.

The things she will miss the most after her time at GNA are walking everywhere and gossiping with Abbey. Out of everything, she will miss Ms. Linda the most.

The most influential people in her life are her grandmother and her mother.  


Isabella Kropiewnicki

Escorted by Colby Butczynski, Isabella is the daughter of Christine and Jamie Kropiewnicki. Isabella is an honorary member of the 2019-2020 GNA homecoming court.

Photos by Andy

When Isabella found out that she was on the court, she was very happy and surprised, and said, “I couldn’t be gladder to be on and represent GNA.” 

Isabella is involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, including cheerleading and student council. Outside of school, she enjoys dancing and participating in pageants. 

For Isabella, the most exciting aspect of being on the court is the ability to show her school spirit with all of her friends.

Isabella has been a resident of Nanticoke for her entire life.

Isabella’s favorite GNA memory is when the class shirts for her freshman year spirit games were spelled, “freshmAns.”

If she were to choose, Isabella would say that the most important part of high school is not only learning who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life, but cherishing the four years of high school because you’ll never get them back. 

Isabella’s favorite teacher is Mr. David Prushinski, and his biology class is her favorite. 

After she graduates, Isabella would like to go to a local college and study biology, for she hopes to become a high school teacher. However, she is keeping her mind open to other occupations. 

Isabella will miss cheering at football games and participating in school events the most once she leaves GNA. 

The most influential person in Isabella’s life is her grandfather, Jack, since he has taught her how to keep moving forward in life.     


Abbey Zegarski

Escorted by Darren Boseman, Abbey Zegarski is the daughter of Heather and John Zegarski. Abbey is an honorary member of the 2020 homecoming court. 

Photos by Andy

When Abbey found out that she was on the court, she was very shocked, especially since Stefanya punched her in the face. 

Abbey is involved in a variety of activities at GNA, such as soccer, cheerleading, track, and the school play. 

According to Abbey, the most exciting aspect about being on the homecoming court is, “Truly being able to see I had the impact on my class that I thought I did.”

Abbey has been a resident of Nanticoke for her entire life.

Abbey doesn’t have one specific favorite memory of GNA, but she loves being able to “go crazy” at all of the school events.

If she were to choose, Abbey would say that the most important part of high school is making memories and not having any regrets, since the time goes by too quickly.  

Abbey’s favorite teacher is Mr. Figlerski, but she greatly enjoys the experiments that take place in the STEM class. 

After she graduates, Abbey would like to attend Coastal Carolina to study biology. 

Abbey will miss her gossip sessions with Miss Linda the most once she leaves GNA. 

There isn’t any one person that Abbey finds influential, for she is able to take something away from every person that she interacts with.