Getting to know our staff: Mr. Eric Levandowski (student teacher)




What interested you in becoming a teacher?

I’ve always loved helping people and spreading silly knowledge no one knew. When I looked at chemistry science I knew that was going to be the subject I tough.

What subject(s) are you interested in teaching?

General science, physical science, physical chemistry.

Where did you attend high school and do you view education differently now than you did when you were a student?

I attended Greater Nanticoke Area. I appreciate education more now that I am almost graduated from college. I realize that High School was the base of everything I know now.

Is teaching what you expected it to be?

Yes. I’ve had a great experience so far. The students have been incredibly welcoming as well as the teachers. I enjoy working with the people who taught me.

Has anyone in your life (teachers, family, friends) inspired you to become a teacher or did you push yourself towards it?

My own teachers and my friends pushed me to be a teacher.  I’ve always wanted to be one, but they helped me pursue my dream and become who I am today.

Who are you a student-teacher for? Do you like their teaching methods?

I student teach for Mr. Brandon Collins. I do enjoy his teaching methods as he is funny when he teaches and uses every possible technique there is to convey his information.