AP History students present to the underclassmen


Sean Wolfe presenting his project, "Music of the 1960's"

Kaleigh Hamm, Student Writer



With the school year coming to a close, AP students across all subjects have taken their exams and have begun winding down in their assignments. Annually, Ms. Muench presents one of three final project options to her AP U.S. History students: write an editorial, create a bell work video, or teach a lesson to her tenth-grade honors classes. This year–with the large amount of APUSH students–most have chosen to present to the underclassmen that ties into Muench’s regular curriculum.

Ending the year as close to present day history as possible, the upperclassmen were able to choose their topics within nearly a thirty-year span. Although the period remained the same, subjects varied greatly. From tensions to culture, to protest, to significant happenings, the AP History students didn’t hesitate to demonstrate the knowledge they gained from the demanding course they took this year.

Topics presented by the AP U.S. History students:

Morgan Burleigh — The Rise of Feminism

Mackenzie Casey — Watergate Scandal

Haylee Crawn — Stonewall Riots

Meghan Duda — Protests

Zack Golembeski — CIA/KGB/Bay of Pigs

Gabriel Jenceleski — Cold War Effects on Comics

Lance Jenson — Drug Culture

Richard Klepadlo — Agent Orange

Andrew Kozlofski — Post-WWII Alliances

Jillian Manangan — Korean War

Caitlyn McHenry — MK Ultra

Michael Partington — TET Offensive

Owen Thomas — Counter Culture

Calista Walk — Arms Race

Katie Ward — Berlin Wall

Seth Wesley — Cold War Effect on Education

Sean Wolfe — Music of the 1960s

Abbey Zegarski — March to Selma