Five very haunted places to visit this summer

Shawn Maczuga, Student Writer



Even though Halloween is over five months away, there are still some downright scary places to find here in Pennsylvania.

If you want a chance to see something that is out of this world and you love to be spooked, then visiting these five haunted places should do the trick.

This is a countdown of the most haunted places to visit in the Keystone state.

Fort Mifflin

Philadelphia is home to one of the very few remaining battlefields that withstood the Revolutionary War. That battlefield is called Fort Mifflin. The fort also played a vital role in both world wars and held prisoners during the civil war. Reports are saying that the soldiers are still roaming the fields. Although the death total at the fort is unknown, there have been countless sightings throughout the field, in the buildings and even underground. While searching through the underground passageways, you might be unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of the faceless man. Exploring the buildings will not get you away from any spirits, as it is said that the screaming lady haunts them day and night.

Harrisburg Hospital

Opening in 1851, the Harrisburg Hospital was meant to treat the mentally ill. All the deceased patients were buried among three cemeteries. It closed in 2006, but the former patients still attend the hospital. Although no major historical events took place here, there is still shadows and apparitions appear. Footsteps, noises and disembodied voices. The most experiences appear in the haunted basement, morgue and underground tunnels.

Bethlehem Hotel

With a very short drive from Lehigh University, the Bethlehem Hotel is a hot spot. It is a popular place to stay for people alive or dead. There are many experiences and well-known spirits that haunt this hotel. May Yohe was a singer in the late eighties and early nineties. She died in 1938 and is still seen around the lobby. Guests say they hear a piano being played with no piano in sight. Other spirits include Francis Thomas and Mrs. Brong Landlord. The real reason why everyone flocks to the hotel is because of room 932. Located on the ninth floor, the so-called “room with a boo” attracts the most guests. There have been reports that when some guests wake up, they see a man standing at the foot of their bed. He still hasn’t checked out. Guests have heard voices and seen lamps turn on and off. In some instances, the wallpaper is said to turn pink. The Bethlehem Hotel is definitely a place to visit.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Philadelphia is known for some terrifying places and Eastern State Penitentiary is no exception. Many ghost hunters have visited the penitentiary and none were disappointed with the result. This was the first true prison that opened more than 180 years ago. It has been an ominous place to see ever since its first inmate in 1829. The overcrowded prison would later succumb to many riots that caused a lot of deaths. The penitentiary is most notably known for housing Al Capone during 1929. Visitors have experienced crying, laughing, screams, doors slamming and seeing dark figures. There have been over 50 suicides inside of the sadistic penitentiary. The penitentiary hosts tours of the spooky place. There is a high chance you will see something that will haunt you forever.

Gettysburg Battlefield

With over 23,000 casualties, this is without a doubt, one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania. The battle of Gettysburg is considered one of the most important battles that shaped the outcome of the civil war. This historic battlefield is home to many exhibits, artifacts, tours, and scary spirits. Sounds of gunshots could sometimes be heard, but no shots would be fired. Dark figures have been spotted all across the field. The battlefield is not the only haunted place in Gettysburg, the whole town has dozens of places that are said to have spirits. The most haunted part in the town is the Devil’s Den. This is where all of the slain soldiers were thrown. People say that they still hear voices calling out for help. The Gettysburg Hotel is considered the most haunted hotel in Pennsylvania. Tours are given out almost all year; while you might see the historic museum, battlefield, and history, you might see something that can only be described as horrifying.