All class elections begin this week

Gabe Jenceleski, Student Writer



All eligible class office positions, from sophomore to senior, as well as school-wide Student Council elections, are being held this week, with speeches and introductions from all candidates. All four major positions, class president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer are available for contention for the classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022, with ballots for new candidates now locked in. Student Council will contest five offices, president, vice, secretary, treasurer, and historian.

Class offices from sophomore, junior, and senior classes are only able to be decided upon by their respective class, with Student Council being voted on by all student bodies in the school.

The decision to host each election for all four groups was only recently decided upon by Student Council, as in past election cycles, each office is decided at different times of the year. In an effort to alleviate the hectic nature of year-round voting sessions, class advisors pitched a combined election week, acting as the cumulative effort of each class group.

Good luck to all those running for office!