Noah Krubitzer answers comical questions
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Noah Krubitzer answers comical questions

Shawn Maczuga, Student Writer

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Before heading off into the sunset, Noah was able to take part in answering some random questions.

What new nickname would you want to have around school?

“Other guy with the cool nickname.”

If a huge game of hide and seek broke out at the school, where would you hide?

“In all of the set pieces backstage.”

There are 553 students at a school. There are 73 more boys than girls. How many girls attend the school?

“Let x equal the number of boys. x – 73 and ends up being 240.”

If you created a new country, what would you call it?

“Just YYYYY so people would think it was some kind of mistake.”

What is your least favorite food?

“I really don’t like halushki.”

What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

“WWE action figures.”

Give Mr. Carey one compliment.

“He has a pretty good taste in anything Dave Matthews.”

What three adjectives describe you?

“Cozy, super and tall.”

In your opinion, stepping on what hurts the most?

“Hot pavement or sand.”

In the space below, draw a dinosaur riding a unicycle.

I would like to thank Noah and wish him the best of luck in college or where ever he ends up.