Harvey takes over as Trojanettes coach




There are many qualities of becoming a great coach. Great coaches are committed to the school and know the student dynamic. They genuinely and deeply care about the athletes. Great coaches are educated in the sport they teach; they are organized and have a practice plan and are committed to values of education, family, and maintaining integrity and diversity.

At Greater Nanticoke Area, Trojanette softball has been a powerhouse over the last decade. Winning multiple championships and countless games, Coach Stetz led the mighty Trojanettes to many great seasons.

Coming as a shock to many, Coach Stetz decided to step down last year and take a break from coaching, leaving huge shoes to fill. Coach Stetz was well-liked, dedicated and enthusiastic. The GNA girl’s softball teamed played hard for him and left it all on the field.

With Coach Stetz stepping down, the head coaching position was open. With multiple qualified candidates, the GNA administration decided on Leanne Harvey, a 2004 graduate of GNA and member of the 2003 Trojanette State Championship softball team. Coach Harvey is excited about her new position and will, without a doubt, lead the Trojanettes to many victorious seasons.

The GNA Insider sat down with Coach Harvey to ask her a few questions:

How long have you been coaching?

10 years.

What made you apply for the head coaching position?

The challenge, I like seeing players succeed in their dreams. Teachings new players and old players how to compete and adjust to the game. I feel it will help them in life.

How does it feel to be named head coach of the Trojanettes?

Excited, but nervous at the same time.

Is there anything that you would like to implement into the program early on?

Teamwork. I feel you win and lose as a team.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

To make sure Cajun (Coach Nina) doesn’t get hit with a ball.

Would you like to say anything to younger girls coming up in the program?

Stick with the basics, give 110%, and never give up.