Send Request visits GNA




Send Request, a local rock band consisting of former GNA students, was recently invited by Ms. Hyder—an English teacher—to visit her class and speak with students. The band, composed of Derek Holminski, Andrew Blank, Aron Wood, and Jon Labenski (who act as the group’s guitarist, vocalist, bassist, and drummer, respectively), formed in 2014, with all but Aron—a member of the Nanticoke class of 2012—having graduated in 2013.

The group performed, per the invitation of Ms. Hyder, in line with a play being examined in the class at the time, “Our Town,” conveying a powerful message to students—one can achieve his or her dreams, even with an origin of a town that is seemingly unspectacular.

The GNA Insider has interviewed Ms. Hyder about the unique event:

 Why did you decide to have Send Request come into your class?

I wanted to tie in the theme from our town: live life while you can and don’t give up on your dreams. “Go get your Paris.” When I think of those things, I think of the boys in Send Request because that’s exactly what they did.

 What do you want students to gain as a result of having the band perform in your classroom?

I want them to see kids from Nanticoke who have been really successful to know that they can achieve whatever they want to in life as long as they work hard for it and go get it.


The GNA Insider also had the opportunity to ask the members of Send Request several questions:

Who are the members of the band and when did you graduate from GNA?

 Andrew Blank, Derek Holminski, Aron Wood, and Jon Labenski. We all graduated in 2013, but Aron graduated in 2012.

How did you come up with Send Request for the band’s name?

We wrote names down, put them in a bucket and picked out of the bucket; Send Request was the winner.

When is your next live performance?

Friday, May 3 at 7.

What is your advice to students who are interested in music? 

Just play to enjoy.

How was it playing at the last Warped Tour?

It was a fun time.