Mr. Litch and Mr. Stetz take the best friend test

Shawn Maczuga, Student Writer

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Having a best friend is one of the biggest joys in life. They will support you no matter what you do. I could not think of a better example of best friends than the dynamic duo known as Jimmy Litch and Ryan T. Stetz. I wanted to see how well these best buddies know about each other. I encourage you to read and see if Mr. Litch and Mr. Stetz are truly BFFs.


When is your birthday?

Mr. Litch answered that his zodiac sign is an Aquarius and Ryan is an Aries. Mr. Stetz answered that he is an Aries and Jimmy is an Aquarius.

What is your favorite color?

Mr. Litch answered black and said Ryan likes blue. Mr. Stetz’s favorite color is blue and Jimmy’s is black.

What kind of fish do you resemble?

Mr. Litch thinks that he looks like a swordfish and that Ryan looks like a Swedish fish. Mr. Stetz thinks he resembles a Swedish fish and says that Jimmy reminds him of a fine lobster.

What was the biggest surprise your friend planned for you?

Mr. Litch answered, “when Ryan took me kite flying and kept it a secret until we got on the windy hill.” Mr. Stetz answered when “Jimmy once planned a picnic for us and kept it a secret until we got to an open field.”

What is your favorite song?

Mr. Litch said that his favorite songs are “We rock the house”and “Islands in the stream.” He said that Ryan likes “Islands in the Stream.” as well. Mr. Stetz said his favorite song is “Islands in the Stream” and Jimmy likes “Islands in the stream” too.

What is your favorite snack?

Mr. Litch says he enjoys chocolate chip cookies and that Ryan loves Teaberry flavored ice cream. Mr. Stetz enjoys to eat Teaberry flavored ice cream and said that Jimmy loves chocolate chip cookies.

What is your favorite movie?

Mr. Litch likes to watch “the John Wick series” and that Ryan loves “Dirty Dancing.” Mr. Stetz said he enjoys “Dirty Dancing” and that Jimmy’s favorite movies is “the John Wick series.”

What is your favorite animal?

Mr. Litch said his favorite animal is the honey pot bear and that Ryan likes sneaky snakes. Mr. Stetz’s favorite animal are sneaky snakes and said Jimmy likes the honey pot bear.

What is your best memory of the two of you?

Mr. Litch and Mr. Stetz both say it was the first time they met at the St. Mary’s festival on a hot August night.

When you two retire, what plans do you have with each other?

They both agree that they do not make plans, they just take it one day at a time.

The results are in and they prove that the friendship Jimmy and Ryan have will last for an eternity. If you question how close these besties really are, then you must be crazy. You would be lucky to know just one of them, but if you know both of them, it is easy to see that they are truly best friends.