Franklin and Marshall College Summit



College Summit at Franklin and Marshall College is a day where schools from all over the region come together and have the chance to talk to different professors in areas of study they are interested in. During the time spent at the college, students have the opportunity to ask any questions and gain a larger insight at what they might spend the rest of their life doing.

Mr. Yamulla, Mrs. Muench, and Miss Hyder took eight students from Greater Nanticoke Area to the summit in order for them to get a better look at college life and also gain more information about areas of study they are thinking of pursuing in college.

During the day students had the opportunity to sit down with two professors for twenty-five minutes each and listen to them explain what exactly the field requires, how they can get into a program in that particular field, as well as answer any questions they had about what else their intended major requires.

Mr. Yamulla had been asked if he felt that the summit was successful and responded by saying “I feel as though it was very successful because students were able to broaden their horizons by meeting with the professors, and learning more about their academic interests. They were able to see a campus they probably normally would not come and see, and it was good for them to interact with the students from the college as well as other schools.”