Ms. Hyder answers creative questions

Shawn Maczuga, Student Writer

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As many students and parents are aware, Ms. Hyder is the eleventh-grade English teacher at the Greater Nanticoke Area High School. However, not all are aware of how creatively adept she truly is. The GNA Insider asked this respectable educator ten questions which are certain to open eyes up to innovation and inspire an even greater degree of respect for Ms. Hyder:

What was one of the worst essay responses that you have been given?

Student-wise, I honestly don’t remember, but one of my professors constantly used to write on mine ‘so what?’ and it made me so mad! I know now it just meant I needed to explain why what I was saying was important, but at the time, she drove me nuts! However, she became one of my favorite professors.

If you could add one new holiday, what would it be called? What traditions would be celebrated?

I think we should have a National Pet Day where we all have a day off of work and get to stay home with our pets, have pet parties, take them to pet parks with pet friends, dress them up and just make a big deal over them. They spend all their days waiting for us to get home, so I think we should get a whole day just to spend with them.

If you were a fortune cookie, what would your fortune be?

The words you speak, create the house you live in.

If you were a villain in a comic book, what would your evil name and evil power be?

Ginger Snap, and obviously, I’d steal your soul, and definitely be able to walk through walls and fly.

If you could change one decision that you ever made, what would it be?

None, because they all had to be made to teach me the lessons I had to learn in order to grow and become stronger.

If your life were a video game, what would you do in it and how would you win?

I have no idea. I don’t play video games! But I [would] probably use my ginger powers to gain freckles for every soul I steal (I [would] only steal souls from bad guys) and then use the powers of the souls to control the weather elements or favorite things or cool stuff like that!

Living or not, what in the ocean best describes you? Why?

Probably a dolphin, because they are loyal and strong and fiercely protective of their pod.

What is the weirdest wrong number phone calls or text messages that you received?

They’ve all been pretty common: “Hey” [or] “Hey, call me.” But the weirdest fortune I ever got said “Sorry, wrong fortune!’ I got that twice!

What do you believe an alien looks like?

Not green; probably the creepy grays that those who have “seen” them claim they are.,-the-grays.htm

If you could only squash one insect for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mosquitoes, because I honestly believe there is no earthly purpose for them. Like spiders eat bugs, bees spread pollen… there is no reason for mosquitoes! None!