The 2017 Inauguration of Donald Trump

Harley LaRue, Student Writer

Since 1937, Inauguration Day has taken place on January 20th following a presidential election. The most recent presidential inauguration ceremony was the swearing in of Donald Trump on January 20th, 2017. The inauguration was attended by political leaders, senators, governors, and millions of Americans from across the country. Although there was trouble finding performers, country singers, Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood, rock groups, 3 Doors Down and The Piano Guys, and a classical pop singer, Jackie Evancho, all performed in D.C. in honor of the 45th President of the United States.

While his every move was being broadcasted around the country, Trump and his wife, Melania, attended service at St. John’s Church before being welcomed into The White House by The Obama family. The Trump’s and Obama’s both left for the capitol after enjoying coffee together. Once there, many speeches were given before Mike Pence, the vice president-elect, was sworn in. Donald Trump took the oath shortly after, prior to delivering his acceptance speech. In his speech, he reinforced giving power to the people and called for Americans to come together, no matter their background or race, to make America great again. Minutes after becoming the President, Trump made his way to the President’s Room to sign a series of papers that he had prepared beforehand. While seated among representatives from both parties, he also wrote in nominations for his cabinet, using a different pen to sign each nomination. He joked with the representatives, asking who wanted each pen and giving them names. Trump plans to change and create many pieces of legislation during his time as President.

While Trump signed legislation, protesters were gathered outside of The White House. The police estimated a total of 200 arrests following the inauguration as the crowd became more violent. Some protesters took to smashing the windows of businesses and fighting against the police. Although some were angered and disappointed with the election of President Trump, millions of Americans swarmed to D.C. in support of the new President of The United States. In the end, no matter who you voted for or who you supported, we all share the same hope that Donald Trump can carry out his promise to make “America great again.”

Even as September of 2017 rolls around, opinions are still split as our president makes his place known in office.