Thank you

Kimberly Smith, Student Writer

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Thank you, the one phrase besides I love you that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Ms. Hyder made not only one teacher feel appreciated for doing what they do, but she also spread this feeling of appreciation throughout the school.

Ms. Hyder took a book called Tuesdays with Morrie, written by Mitch Albom, and created a project that made others experience that blissful feeling. Tuesdays with Morrie had inspired her to ask her students to write their own thank you letters because the book made her think about her own teachers, people who have taught her important life lessons, and people who made her want to tell them thank you before she lost the chance to. She thought about giving students here at GNA the chance to do the same would be a great opportunity, and she knew the staff would really appreciate some gratitude.

When asked why is it important to make people feel appreciated, Ms. Hyder replied, “people are just nicer when they feel like what they do matters, and we need to make the world a kinder place!” The GNA Insider also had the opportunity to ask Ms. Hyder what the students gained from completing the activity. “It makes them take the themes from the book and apply them to real life, which helps them really understand it.”

Not only did Ms. Hyder think of a unique project for her students to participate in, but she also thought of the meaning behind the activity. She helps to make teachers feel appreciated for what they do every day.