Mr. Fig’s annual pumpkin carving and pumpkin seed contest

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Mr. Fig’s annual pumpkin carving and pumpkin seed contest

Jordan Spencer, Student Writer

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In yet another show of Halloween spirit—a supplement to the costumes and candy bags created for the holiday—Mr. Figlerski has given his students a chance to carve incredible pumpkins and cook delicious pumpkin seeds in an annual competition. The GNA Insider has the names of the winning contestants:

  • The winners of the pumpkin-seed part of the contest, by category:
    • Most original:  Jayden May, with her Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix flavor.
    • Funniest:  Glen Hulsizer, Joseph Fox, Christine Mazeko, and Tiara Thomas, with their Jolly-Rancher-flavored seeds.
    • Scariest:  Annalyse Wandel, with her bacon flavor.
    • Slithering: Kyler Bednar, Rain Doroteo, Kaitlyn Pegarella, with their coffee pumpkin seeds (complete with macchiato glazing).
    • Heartiest:  Sierra Williams & Stephanie Rossi made garlic powder, olive oil and grated parmesan cheese.
    • Savory:  Kaleah Moran, Ethan Egenski, Myla Vnuk, and Ryan Fischer made Old Bay seasoning.
    • Cinnamon and Sugar: 1st:  Kwalee Jones, Brian Romero, Devyn Sura, Devon Panetta and Brandon Bukofski . 2nd:  Meadow Stavetski and Mackenzie Ball. 3rd:  Grace Dalmas, Ellie Lastovets and Brian Keegan.  


Mr. Fig also held a pumpkin carving contest. The best pumpkins were awarded to:

Overal Winner/Best of show & Best Group:  “Movie Time”  – four pumpkins were accompanying one another, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, Mike Wazowski, and a pumpkin adorning popcorn and tickets!

Gabrielle Eldridge, Ashlyn Przekop, Mallory Mayo ,Carisa Pierontoni.









Most Horrific:  “Pumpkin Eating Another Pumpkin” 

Lyzette Rodriquez, Amelia Chippel, Allison Zurek.












Cutest:  “Spongebob’s Pineapple House”

Kayla, Olivia, Magalie, McKenna.











Most Creative:  “Dunkin’ Donuts”

Tiara Thomas, Joe Fox, Glen Hulsizer, Christine Mozeko.









School Spirit:  “Trojan Football Helmet”

Chris Shon, Shayne Gallagher, Zack Pelton, Jessica Skaladzian.











Craftsmanship:  “Killer Pumpkin”

Larissa Becker, John Shoemaker, Shaquan Douglas, Yessica Dominguez.











Classic:  “Boo”

Josie Park, Alexis Atkins, Riley Baird.