Greater Nanticoke Area Alumni Facebook page

Dustin Zumba, Student Writer

Alumni are graduates or former students  from a particular school. Upon graduation, many graduates lose touch with one another. It is important, however to see how your former peers are doing from time to time. Graduates of GNA no longer have to wait until reunions to see how their former classmates are doing.  Greater Nanticoke Area High School has a Facebook Page, run by former students, to help you reconnect.

If you want to visit the Facebook site click the picture:


“This page was created in order to honor and inspire previous and future alumni.” (GNA Alumni page)

The mission of the GNA Alumni page is to “inspire as well as honor our current and future alumni.” (GNA Alumni page)

In order to honor all alumni the Facebook page started “GNA Alumni of the Week.” There is a form on the page that Alumni fill out to have a chance to be featured as the “Alumni of the Week.”

The first “Alumni of the Week” was Christian James Cox. He graduated in 2005. Visit the GNA Alumni page to read about James as well as other GNA former graduates!