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Awards Day 2018

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Greater Nanticoke Area Class of 2018 Awards Day recipients:

Greater Nanticoke Area Honors with Distinction Award – Emily Scott (Sponsored by Pepsi)

Ronald J. Grevera Sr. Scholarship Award – Gregory Ruthkosky                    

GNA Educational Support Professionals’ Association Awards – Hope Ostrander and Michael  Skamarakus

Luzerne County Community College Early College Program Awards – Devn Thomas

2018 Wegmans Scholarship Awards – Brandon Murtha and Aaron MIller

Lieutenant Alan Bogdon Memorial Scholarship Award – Emily Brzozowski

Nanticoke Conservation Club Environment Award – Chance Peterson

Just Because You’re You Award – Brandon Murtha

Nanticoke Career Firefighters Local #2655 Award – Matthew Stegura

Jeffrey John Hudak Memorial Award – Kyle Scortichini

Newport Township Lions Club – Michael Yalch Music Award – Kassandra Rinker

Newport Township Lions Club – Luann Hillan Memorial Award – Casey Evans

Newport Township Lions Club – Zigmund Butka Scholar Athlete Award – Emily Scott

Joyce L. Kiewlak Memorial Scholarship Award –  Aaron Miller

The Kashatus Family Scholarship Award – Carlos Castillo

Charles Davis Award – Kimberly Rodriguez

Dorothy Zorko-O’Connor Memorial Award – Faith Moyer

American Legion Post #971 Awards – Brianna Ottensman and Tyler Zaremba  

West Side Playground Association Awards – Kristopher Rynkiewicz and Madelyn Grilz

12th Man Football Club Award – Dawson Hughes

Daniel J. Distasio Memorial Scholarship Awards – Eric Jeffries and Codi Hornlein

Dennis Makarczyk Senior Award – Katelyn Butczyski and Madelyn Grilz

Greater Nanticoke Area Education Association Award – Kaitlyn Bigos, Miranda Bohn, Katelyn Butczyski, Kim Rodriguez, Emily Scott, and Devn Thomas,  Dawson Hughes, Carlos Castillo, and Brandon Karavitch

GNA Excellence in Science Award – Carlos Castillo and Emily Scott

Excellence in Biology Award – Emily Scott

Excellence in Chemistry Award – Brandon Karavitch

Nanticoke Eagles F.O.E. 834 Scholarship Award – Katelyn Butczyski

GNA National Honor Society “Commitment to service” Award – Carlos Castillo  and Ryan Whittaker

GNA National Honor Society Excellence Award – Kristofer Seiwell

GNA Computer Science Award – Brianna Ottensman , Ryan Whittaker, David Mash , and Benjamin Placek

GNA Math Department Award – Evan Stecco and Katelyn Bigos

Geisinger Scholarship Award – Bradley Duda, Eric Jeffries, Rebecca Bavitz, Codi Hornlein, and Megan Murphy

Misericordia University Alumni Association Award – Megen Banas, Kaitlyin Bigos, Miranda Bohn, Katelyn Butczyski, John Guziak,Codi Hornlein , Eric Jeffries, Elizabeth Marquez, and Caven Pollick

GNA Chorus Parents’ Association Award – Hope Ostrander, David Mash, and Courtney Capie

The Timothy Accurso Music Award – David Mash

GNA Music Chorus Award – Courtney Capie, David Mash, and Hope Ostrander

Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Excellence Award – David Mash and Kyle Stratton

GNA Band Association Award – Benjamin Placek, Kassandra Rinker, Kyle Station, Jacob Vick, Megen Banas, Casey Evans, David Mash, and Courtney Capie

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Kyle Stratton

John Philip Sousa Award – David Mash and Megen Banas

Erin Schultz Memorial Scholarship Award – Kassandra Rinker and Courtney Capie

Music and Theater Award – David Mash  

Military Recognition – Matthew Daniele and Catherine Hindmarsh

Greater Nanticoke Area Cheerleading Booster Club Award – Sabrina Holevinski

Nanticoke Basketball Booster Club Award – Katelyn Butczyski

Nanticoke Area Trojan Baseball Booster Club Awards – Evan Stecco

GNA Softball Booster Club Award – Miranda Bohn

Nanticoke American Legion Post #350 Awards – Lauren McHenry and Joseph O’Hara

Newport Township Women’s Activity Group Award – Aaron Miller

District 14W – Twin Boro Lions Award – Carlos Castillo

Red Rock Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation Award – Katelyn Bigos

United States Marine Corps Awards – Lisa Radziak, Dawson Hughes, Emily Scott, Brandon Karavitch, Megen Banas, and David Mash

Chief William Shultz Scholarship Award – Brian Reakes

Stanley J. Wintergrass Scholarship Award – David Mash

Excellence in English Award – Carlos Castillo and Kimberly Rodriguez

GNA Spanish Achievement Award – Tyler Zaremba and Lisa Radziak.

GNA Spanish Spirit Award – Kassandra Rinker

Albert J. Panetta Scholarship Award – Codi Hornlein

Luzerne County Head Start Alumni Scholarship Award – Courtney Capie

The Kristopher Moules Scholarship Award – Taylor Zabrenski

Susquehanna Coal Company Memorial Scholarship Award – Justin Ostopick and Sabrina Holevinski

Outstanding Performance in GNA Quiz Bowl and US History Bee – Devn Thomas and Tyler Zaremba

Horatio Alger Association Award – Bradley Duda

Infinity Grafix Award – Justin Ostopick

Wilkes- Barre Area Career Technical Center Awards Day Recipients:

Law Enforcement Outstanding Senior Award – Christopher Maute

Child Care Outstanding Senior Award – Faith Moyer

Law Enforcement Outstanding Senior Award – Timothy Keehn

Health Assistant Outstanding Class Award – Christina Depue

Machine Shop Greiner Packaging Gold Program Award – Lillian Krein

Plumbing Outstanding Class Award – Zachery Gower

Masonry Outstanding Class Award – Dominic Haas

Ornamental Horticulture Outstanding Class Award – Karina Lefkoski

Auto Mechanics II Outstanding Class Award – Marvin Hagenbach


Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

About the Writers
Brianna Stritzinger, Student Writer
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My name is Brianna Stritzinger, and I’m a senior at Greater Nanticoke Area High School. This is my second year working on The GNA Insider.

I enjoy reading for my entertainment, writing in my free time, listening to music, doing my hair and makeup, playing video games in my spare time and living my life to the fullest. I find being myself is one of the most important things that I could do for myself and the others around me. Throughout my life I have encountered many tragic events, but through it all, I have always been resilient.

Some of my greatest accomplishments are making high honors and taking two honors courses my junior year. I never give up in anything I try to do and I always try to be the best person I can be. Most of my accomplishments have come from working on The GNA Insider.

Kimberly Smith, Student Writer
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My name is Kimberly Smith, and I am a junior here at Greater Nanticoke Area High School. This is my second year writing for The GNA Insider. I moved from Wilkes-Barre my sophomore year, but I lived in Florida most of my life.

I am the oldest of my siblings and the most creative when it comes down to it. I love reading! I will read any genre of books, but my favorite is book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I also enjoy writing, taking pictures, hunting and fishing.

I work at Chuck E. Cheese—which I think is the best and most interesting job out there—but I do not want to be there forever. I plan to go to college for teaching, and thus to be the second member of my family to continue my education.


Madelyn Bugdonovitch, Student Writer
My name is Madelyn Rose Bugdonovitch, and I am a senior. I am currently attending college part-time along with high school through our school’s Dual Enrollment program. I am a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society and have been involved in chorus for the past eight years and the jazz...
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