Coach Yendrzeiwski: A GNA Legend

Nate Kreitzer, Student Writer

Nanticoke girls basketball coach, Alan Yendrzeiwski, announced to his team that he will be stepping down after the 2017-2018 season. Coach Yendrzeiwski has been running the girls program for almost a decade and was an assistant coach for the boys program some years before.

Coach Yendrzeiwski has had much success during his tenure with the girls. He has won four league titles (2012, 2015, 2016, 2017) in the Wyoming Valley Conference. He won a district championship in ’17 and appeared in two others (2012 and 2018) during his nine years of coaching. He also led the Trojanettes to four state playoff wins.

Coach Yenji had an overall record of 179-57!. Yendrzeiwski has turned the girls program into a powerhouse in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Next year and in the years to come, Coach Yenji plans to spend more time with his wife and three children ages 10, 8, and 6.

The GNA Insider caught up with the legendary coach to ask him about his time leading the Trojanettes:

Out of all the memories, is there one memory that sticks out to you?

There are a lot of memories that come to mind, but my favorite was winning the District Championship in 2017. From the experience of playing at the Arena, to seeing our team play as well as they did to the celebration & “house decorating party” that happened afterward, it was the defining moment of my coaching career.

What will you miss the most about coaching?

The one thing I will miss the most is building player-coach relationships with the girls in the program. When I first started coaching it was the most challenging part of the job that I had to figure out. I made a conscious decision to turn that particular area of improvement into a strength and it easily became the best part of the job.

What was your favorite season as coach of the Trojanettes?

I honestly didn’t have one favorite season. Each one was special and presented its own unique rewards and challenges. I’ve tried to look at my time coaching not as 9 different seasons but as one “story” with nine connected chapters that I am very proud of.

Coach Yendrzeiwski has always had the right approach to coaching the girls, as he ran the program the fair and correct way. “I have always admired and respected the coaches who came before me and the Nanticoke basketball tradition. My #1 goal was always to honor that tradition while at the same time adding to it. I feel with some great young people by my side throughout the last decade, we were able to do that together and I am extremely grateful for that opportunity.”


We truly appreciate the time and hard work Coach Yendrzeiwski has put into the girls program!

Thank you from The GNA Insider!