Hidden talents of GNA: Kyle Cicerchia and Mackenzie Clark

At some point or another, maybe while in the shower shampooing your hair, or while on a road trip cruising down I-81, we have all wished that we could sing. It would be nice for just once when we open our mouths and lift our voices in song to not sound like a dying goat letting out one last loud bleat before dropping over dead. It would be nice if our friends or family wouldn’t tell us to stop singing when our jam comes on  because we are “ruining the song.”

Two students at GNA are lucky enough to have never experienced any of these negative things associated with terrible singing directed towards them. Kyle Cicerchia and Mackenzie Clark are both blessed with fantastic voices.

The GNA Insider sat down with these two gifted young talents for an interview discussing their aptitude. A link that leads to a duet they sang is also below.


How long have you been singing?

Kyle: Since I was really young, I have been singing everywhere I go. I sing in the shower, when I’m doing chores, and even when I’m just relaxing.

Mackenzie: Ever since I was little, I would always sing karaoke and sing in the shower.


Why did you keep your talent in the dark for so long?

K: I get really nervous when I sing around people, and I also have stage fright.

M: I just really never thought about singing in front of people, because I have stage fright and only really like to sing in my room. It never really occurred to me to share my talent with anyone.


Why did you sing and record a duet?

K: I was just sitting around doing nothing and we decided to do a duet because we sing by each other all of the time.

M: I have this app where you can record songs and sing karaoke. Kyle and I are always FaceTiming each other and we will just start singing and so I thought why not. It ended up being shown to more people than I expected!


Is there a certain type of music you enjoy signing? If so, what is it and why?

K: I don’t really prefer a genre I prefer songs with a meaning and something that is really fun and catchy to sing.

M: I really like all kinds of music especially ones that have meaning and good music with the lyrics, so pretty much like today’s hits.


Have you ever performed in  any kind of show?

K: I have not performed in front of anyone, but I would like to try.

M: No I haven’t.


Is music possibly something you would like to pursue as part of your future career?

K: Music is a huge part of my life, but I don’t think I’m really good enough to make a career out of it.

M: I think about it sometimes but yeah, that could be a potential backup maybe in the future.

Link to duet: https://www.smule.com/p/1448833626_2140538648